verticale tubular bag machine with multihead wigher

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verticale tubular bag machine with multihead wigher
Item number
tbs-pack GmbH
Year of construction
Product: legumes or similar
Packing: 100g, 400g, 500g, 1000g, 2000g bag

vertical flow wrapping machine
Model: SBM-420-3S
Technical details:
Applicable film types:
OPP / CPP, OPP / CE, PET / PE, laminated
Product dimensions:
Length: 20-300mm (adjustable)
Width: 80-200mm (adjustable)
(depending on the selection of the
Form shoulder)
Foil width: 160-420mm
Connected load: 230 V / 1ph

Standard equipment:
1) Pre-printing system for using
printed foils
2) servo motor, controlled
Bag pull-off system,
Twin belt transport system for the
Bag advance
3) Choosing a form shoulder for the
requested product
4) Welding system: Center Seal,
centrally running weld seam
(Pillow case,
Weld seam width: 15mm)
5) CE format safety cover
6) Control unit “Panasonic” PLC &
“E-view” color touchscreen
7) “Omron” temperature control
8) Lacquered machine housing (gray)
9) Pre-gassing option

Date printer (Code Printer)
Z-infeed conveyor with vibration shaker
Z-conveyor belt approx. 3000mm long with
Plastic containers and filling containers

Extra shoulder for more
Bag sizes
one shoulder for 400g each,
500g as well as 1000g & 2000g

Bottom fold system device
1.6 multihead weigher with 10 heads 1.6 liters
Weighing accuracy: 0.2g-1.5g
Funnel volume: 1600ml
Control panel 8.4 ”LCD keypad screen
/ 10.4 ”touch screen

Bracket / carrying platform
Multihead weigher
Z discharge conveyor

Rotating collecting plate after
Discharge conveyor
Diameter: 1200 mm
Characteristic values
new / unused
as of now
Applicable film types
OPP / CPP, OPP / CE, PET / PE, laminated films
product length
20 - 300 mm (adjustable)
product width*
80 - 200 mm (adjustable)
depending on the selection of the forming shoulder
Foil width
160 - 420 mm
Connected load
230 V / 1ph
price bids are welcome