Thermoforming machine

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Thermoforming machine
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R 230
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Multivac packaging machine type R230 MC

Automatic packaging machine for the production of packs from thermoformable and heat-sealable bottom film and heat-sealable top film.

Foil specification:
Upper web: heat-sealable soft film
Upper web quality: PA / PE approx. 75 µm
Upper web width: 420 mm +/- 1

Bottom film: thermoformable and heat-sealable rigid film
Bottom film quality: APET / PE approx. 300 µm
Lower web width: 420 mm + 1 / +3 mm

The Quest setting output in accordance with DIN 8743 for the system described below is approx. 10 cycles per minute, depending on the operating personnel, the nature of the packaging and the products and the operational requirements.

Compressed air requirement: The intake volume is approx. 1,500 l / min. Intake air compressed to 8 bar

Performance pressure: 7 to 8 bar

Cooling water requirement: approx .: 100 to 150 liters per hour

Requirements for the cooling water:
Inlet pressure in the machine minimum 1.5 bar, maximum 4 bar.
Inlet temperature: max. 20 ° C
Starting temperature: max. 30 ° C

Electrical data: three-phase current 400 volts, 50 Hz, approx. 20 kW


Length approx. 10,000 mm
Height: approx. 2,030 mm
Width: approx. 1,000 mm with the control cabinet door closed

Machine equipment:

1 Multivac AV packaging machine type R230
MC-96 basic equipment, consisting of screen terminal with input keyboard and fluorescent display
Display 16 lines for entering and displaying all machine data
Memory module for storing all machine settings
Operating hours counter, cycle counter, power display integrated in the MC control
Temperature control with limit value monitoring for a maximum of 4 control loops
Analog input for vacuum measurement and.
- regulation
Film transport chain 5/8 inch K
Frame length 6,200 mm
Tool spacing 3,950-4,300 mm
Misalignment of the machine in the knee-free area
Machine run-out 3,400 mm, designed for the construction of:
- 2 labelers
- 2 foil punches on the moving unit
System E protective devices with magnetic switches and light barrier
Protective covers on the machine outlet with locking fingers
Lifting system B with tool lift 150 mm
AC drive feed drive
Evacuation device UV 30 for edge suction
- for narrow and wide top web
Vacuum valve unit for vacuum center, rough and fine vacuum
Equipment for fumigation VBS 91
1 pressure transducer for vacuum to control evacuation and gas flushing
Forming system C (punch tool)
- Heating and molding with compressed air and vacuum
Central lubrication of the transport chains with a blow-out nozzle
Cleaning program for R 230
1 film holder FA.04, mechanical unwinding with a core diameter of 76 mm / 3 inches for upper film 420 mm +/- 1 mm
1 film holder FA.04, mechanical unwinding with a core diameter of 76 mm / 3 inches for lower film 420mm +1 / - 3mm
Limit switch-off for upper and lower web * with optical warning signal
Key switch for MC 96 Terminal for authorization to enter parameters
3 built-in parts per installed control circuit (1 x heating, 1 x sealing, 1 x stamping)
Current sensor for stamp heating
Photoelectric print mark control
Fine filter for oil-free compressed air in the molding area
2 Synchronization of the labeler
Machine prepared for the assembly of 1 x OP / 1 x UP labeler
1 synchronization for filling unit (multihead weigher)

Accessories cross cutting
2 foil punch for rigid foil FS87
mounted on the outlet extension consisting of:
Foil punch set lower part FS 87, foil width 420 mm
Base upper part for exchangeable knife holders
2 knife holders Vario punch
1 cutting line 3-lane
Knife set for round corner punching R9
1 cutting line for perforation cut
2 cross-cuts switchable separately
1 moving unit for 2 punches FS 87

Accessories longitudinal cutting:

1 drive motor for rotating longitudinal cutting
System interchangeable cassette with reduced speed including 1 knife shaft, 3-lane

Accessories vibrating device:
1 height-adjustable vibrator with electric external vibrator
1 frequency converter (to match the vibration frequency to the product)

Edge trim disposal accessories:
1 edge trim rewinder RSW

Accessories transport device:
1 discharge belt with synchronous drive, 600 mm with textile belt

Format tools and accessories:
1 new format tool design
Foil width: 420/420 mm
Form dimensions: 366 x 272 mm
Package dimensions: 381 x 290 mm
Pull-off length: 290 mm
max.drawing depth: 130 mm

1-lane 1-row is not used
- Frame sealing
- Heating and welding plate heated with tubular heating elements
- Forming with compressed air vacuum
- Mold lower part designed for mold plate
- Stamp tool
- Support and outlet sheet
- Tool protection "E"

Vario division:

200 gr. / 3 lanes
1 sealing tool upper part with replacement sealing plate
Foil width 420/420 mm
Form dimensions: 112 x 127 mm
Package dimensions 127 x 145 mm
Pull-off length: 290 mm
3-lane 2-row
Frame sealing
2 peel corners (front and back right in the direction of travel)
Extraction over the edge
Sealing tool upper part can be moved

1 sealing glasses:
3-lane, 2-row

1 format plate type 4
3-lane, 2-row
Draw depth 70 mm
Ribbed side surfaces

1 set of boundary plates for rigid foil

1 set of filling plates for forming and sealing tools

Vario division II
200 g / 3-lane / 4-row with perforation cut

1 sealing tool upper part with replacement plate
Foil width: 420/420 mm
Form dimensions: 2 x 112x54.5 mm
Package dimensions: 127 x 145 mm
Pull-off length: 290 mm
3-lane / 4-row
Frame sealing
2 peel corners (front and back right in the direction of travel)
Extraction over the edge

Sealing glasses 3-lane / 4-row

1 format plate type 4 3-lane / 4-row
Draw depth 70 mm
Ribbed side surfaces

1 set of limiting plates for rigid foil - smooth in the bottom

1 stamp holding plate with stamp

1 set of filling plates for forming and sealing tools

1 support system BL96 standard

1 outlet system BL 96 standard

1 tool protection "E", item 1,2,3,4,5
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Packaging machine incl. labeler and M+R movement unit for inkjet printerrs
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