Multihead weigher

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Multihead weigher
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Bilwinco multihead weigher 1 x
Type BW 114 W1, completely made of stainless steel with low friction.

1 x low-set storage vibrator, type FV 170, for the product quantity to the conveyor.
Max. Product quantity 170 kg or 170 liters
Max. Spout height 100 cm including base
Is made out with 25 Hz

Product zone consists of:
- 1 center distributor
- 14 vibrator channels
- 14 collecting bins
- 14 weighing bins
- 1 four-part discharge funnel
complete computer control with up to 100 product numbers

Description BW 114 W 009
1 pc. Product guide for BW 100, also works as a buffer for the product to be weighed

1 piece Integrated accumulation / distribution station for collecting / distributing the weighed portion before emptying it into the packaging machine / distribution tool. For BW 100

1 pc 2DT6; for 2.3 format set. 2-chamber distribution / filling unit with 2 distribution funnels, including filling funnel, adapted to a current cup size.
Including format parts for 2.3 DUO

1 piece of protective grille in stainless steel, including all necessary safety switches

1 washing frame for hanging up and rinsing the collection / combination containers of the BW 114.
For easy hygienic cleaning.

Machine specifications:

Weighing capacity: Min10, max 1000 g
Weighing container: maximum usable volume 1 liter
Product zone: EL polished, LFS, stainless steel (AISI 304, 18-8 steel)
Surface treatment: glass blown stainless steel (AISI 304, 18-8 steel)
Electrical connection: 3 x (400V 10% - + 6%), N, PE, 50 Hz

Compressed air connection: 6-7 bar to the built-in air maintenance unit. The relative humidity must be kept below 100%. There must therefore be no condensation. In addition, oil with a degree of fluid greater than turbine oil VG 32 must not be used.

Production conditions:

Output kg / hour: depending on the product
Product feed: from the upstream machine to our FV 170
Feed is controlled: The scales are equipped with a level control for stop / start of the feed system.

Packaging deep-drawn trays format 3.2 and 3.2 Duo
Characteristic values
Mehrkopfwaage mit VA- Podest, Z-Förderband und Rüttelrinne
as of 01.2022
took place annually
Technical documentation
Last service
15.04.2021 by Bilwinco
Machine type
multihead weigher with VA-pedestal, Z-Conveyor belt and vibrating chute