verticale flow pack machine

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verticale flow pack machine
Item number
VPP 250
Year of construction
The VPP 250 is probably one of the most powerful and cost-effective vertical machines on the packaging market for pouch production in the medium format range. The intermittently working machine impresses with its reliability and economy when packaging free-flowing, pourable and pasty products
Products from the food and non-food sector. All heat-sealable wrapping materials can be processed. Flat bags, gusseted bags and stand-up packs as well as edge-sealed bags (stable packs) with a filling volume of up to 6000 cm³ are to be produced.
Reliable function – economical way of working
The wrapping material is fed to the forming shoulder, formed into a tube, sealed at the longitudinal seam and treated with a frequency-controlled
are fed to the cross-sealing station where the bag is sealed.
The product dosing takes place exactly after the bottom seam has been sealed using synchronized dosing devices (e.g. cup
or screw feeders, scales or pumps).
Driven by servomotors, all machine functions are carried out extremely efficiently and precisely.
The virtually wear-free and maintenance-free operation of the VPP 250 enables a particularly cost-effective packaging process.
Simple, convenient operation
All production parameters and machine functions are monitored, regulated and optimized via a PLC control. The production data required by the user are already permanently installed in the program memory (up to 100 programs) and
can be called up at the push of a button at the start of production. The operator can use a touch screen panel
monitor and regulate parameters such as output, format, dosing quantity and time as well as sealing temperature or the film run. A user-friendly display prevents incorrect entries.
Characteristic values
as of now
€ 4,750.00 negotiable
by appointment
Machine height
1785 mm
Machine width
1327 mm
Machine depth
2060 mm
Bag width
50 - 250 mm
Bag length
50 - 400 mm
Filling volume
6000 cm³
Foil diameter
400 mm
100 bags/min
Mains connection